Stage Two Chester Le Street – Ferryhill.’Pity Me, Neville’s Cross…’

I left Chester Le Street bright and early (ish) after a cappuccino and chat to the nice people at Mr Pickwick’s cafe, doing a brisk trade on a Thursday ‘brunch’ as I imagine no-one in CLS calls it. (Come to think of it, they don’t call it CLS either) I recorded some of this on my snazzy new device as ‘aide memoire’ and also for maybe a radio doc and a theatre show somewhere down the line. My friend Andrew Collins said that he thought it was neat that I, like the Marchers, was doing this to get work, and he’s right


By the way, I forewent the pleasures of the deal they were offering in the pub seen above. You can’t argue with that value though.

I won’t detail all the treks, that’s for that book I just mentioned. But I arrived in Ferryhill as the day was turning chilly  having passed through the curiously named Pity Me and Framwellgate Moor; here (acting on a tip off) I visited Taylor’s butcher where John, the head guy gave me the second best pork pie I had ever had*. Hot too, which I know some regard as sacrilege but when you’re walking miles a day there’s nothing like the feel of hot grease oozing down your chin for emotional comfort.

Next I went though Neville’s Cross, site of a bloody battle between the English and Scots in the 1300s. It passed without incident

Alan White of Yes and the punk band Penetration all hail from Ferryhill but none of them are in the Bayleaves curry house or Manor House pub tonight. Some good conversations though about how times are in this tough ex colliery town, the takeaway trade and one nation Conservatism.

More on all these things when the book, show, major motion picture and video game appear in due course

*Cromford, Derbyshire, winter, 2012




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