Update; a week (and a bit) to go

Hello. Me again. Just an update re my retracing of the Jarrow March which begins on Oct 5th. Next weekend I’m in the North East doing some preparatory/preliminary stuff, not least attending the Jarrow Crusade Anniversary Fun Day on Oct 1st at which the newly re-elected leader of the Labour Party will be speaking. Maybe I can grab a few words with him over a pint of Newcastle Brown. (I’d have included an image of Jezza too but I only seem to be able to  use one image here, so I’ve gone with the Newcy Brown)

Thank you to all the people who have left messages or offered information, or help and tips for my trip. It is all invaluable and they’ll be dealt with in due course, which may be after the march when I come to write up the notes into the finished book. Thank you all again

I’m hoping to meet people and maintain a social media presence as I go without it becoming an Eddie Izzard/Ian Botham sponsored walk thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this is book research rather than an ‘event’. It’ll all be fairly low key, but if you do spot me mooching about in your town with a notebook, do say hello and feel free to direct me to items of local interest especially if relevant to the March or any recommended pubs, cafes, museums, chipshops, curry houses etc. And of course, you can do that here too or @stuartmaconie on Twitter. I don’t normally do Facebook but there may be a Facebook presence or event connected to this walk soon. Savvier people than me have suggested it and very kindly offered to get me up and running.

That’s it for now. More soon…



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